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Vincent Gerard Pedroia (August 16, 1946-May 29, 2007)

Vince was a veterinary neurologist and neurosurgeon, cowboy poet, ultrarunner, open-water swimmer, horseman, grape grower, collector of antique tractors, family man, mentor, and friend to many. 

Vince was in stage plays in high school, and always had a secret desire to perform in front of audiences. He was a writer of short stories most of his life, although never tried to publish them. He also drew about 100 cartoons including sheep, horses and dogs. He went to the Elko National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in January 2002 and started writing his first cowboy/ranch poem on the way home. His poetry gave him the opportunity to do the performing he always wanted. His book, A Mano, was published December 2006, and the CD was recorded in February and released in May 2007. He began performing locally in April 2005 with the "Five Hombres" and did subsequent performances in December 2005, March 2006, and October 2006. 

All of his life, Vince looked for a way to tell the stories of his life growing up on the ranch.  He found a way to do this in writing and performing poetry. Horseshoe Bend Poetry Company, under which his works are published, was inspired by the narrow gauge railroad's horseshoe bend that once crossed the Pedroia family property.

Lynn Harris, a running friend, said: "Yet, his most memorable achievement is how he touched so many lives…we are all finer folk for knowing him. As usual, he beat us to the finish line.” As a leader and mentor at the Animal Care Center, Vince’s advice to everyone was:

"Find a way to be inspired. Connect with people who are inspired. Create and establish a vision, a simple statement about what you are all about. It will help you do the right thing."

 It certainly worked for him.


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